"We are a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development agency based in Los Angeles specializing in creative custom solutions."

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Application development can save an organization time and money by increasing project efficiency. Custom applications can automate repetitive tasks, provide complex analysis tools at the click of a mouse, or provide a simplified user interface to facilitate user interaction.

Many large-scale projects involve repetitive tasks suitable for automation. An application designed for a project’s specific needs can streamline the processing of those time-consuming and monotonous tasks resulting in quicker and more accurate results. Application development also includes developing extensions, which can extend the functionality of existing applications. Tools can be designed to facilitate many functions ranging from spatial data management, integration, and analysis to automated mapping, modeling, or facility management.

ISSI Analysts have developed a wide variety of stand alone applications and extensions using VBA, VB6, VB .NET and C#.


  • Distance analysis and database generation tools
  • Automated mapping templates
  • Data browsing tools


  • Vehicle routing applications
  • Network analysis applications
  • Hydrological network modeling applications
  • Earthquake mapping and analysis