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Database Design

Database design is an important component in a successful GIS architecture. The design of a database will affect the efficiency of queries, overall data storage space, application functionality, and data maintenance. ISSI analysts have the experience needed to properly design a database that adapts to the unique demands of each individual client.

ISSI believes the first step in designing any database is communication. A database’s success is determined by not only how your organization’s applications function in conjunction with it today, but how it adapts to tomorrow’s applications as well. Once we have established an understanding of your organization’s needs and technology, a database will then be designed that takes into account all the variables that make your project unique. Query efficiency, storage space, conjoining application functionality, and maintainability are all variables that will be incorporated into the final design. Careful attention will be paid to issues of scalability, duplicate data, data accuracy, data consistency, and data organization. Additionally, our staff can help your organization deal with issues in security, data backup, and data recovery.

ISSI’s staff has experience dealing with small to large-scale databases supported by a variety of different software. In an ever changing and competitive market where the demand for data is constantly increasing, your organization needs the most logical database design for your unique needs. ISSI has the expertise to help you design a database that you can rely on.